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I hope you're having a great February! February is usually a pretty fun, eventful month for me because my wedding anniversary is on the 11th, we have Pizza Theology, and we are starting to find out who will say yes to going to SICM. This year, though, we moved Pizza Theology to April, and we're doing our Annual Spring Showcase in February which is even better. That is definitely one of my favorite events we do. If you've never been you should seriously consider going!
If you don't know what the showcase is, it is a fundraiser we put on every year to help send students to SICM. 100% of the proceeds goes to SICM! There is a live show where talented artists from our community sing, dance, and even some improve. And we'll also have an art sale in between the two shows. People sell candles, home decor, coffee, artisan treats, and so much more! This is definitely an event, you don't want to miss! You can buy your ticket at

Also please keep this in your prayers. SICM costs a lot of money, and we really try to make sure that money is not an issue for our students. Pray that we raise what we need, and this event blesses everyone who has been so incredibly supportive of what we're doing.

Spring Welcome Week Update

In my last blog I asked you guys to pray for our Spring Welcome week events, and I just wanted to tell you guys they went so well (praise God). I've heard lots of stories of students we met from those events getting plugged in, and I'd have to say this has been the most "successful" spring welcome week in terms of just meeting people. I have some pictures of two of our events:

Coffee House

We had live music and free coffee and snacks, and we had a lot of people come out. 
We had corn hole
Some of our students started a game of signs

and invited new people to play

Bad Tattoos & Lawn Games

So we just invited people to play lawn games with us like corn hole or Montana golf. And we also offered to give them some fake tattoos with face paint crayons (the bad part was because none of us giving the tattoos could draw very well). It was pretty funny watching people play games and seeing what fake tattoos people chose.  

Winter Camp

My last update before ended is just that Winter Camp went so well. This year we talked about the Psalms, and I have to say it was really neat. I don't think I've spent much time thinking about the Psalms or how to use them in my relationship with God. Taking the time to talk about them gave me a new appreciation for them. If you'd like to give any of the talks a listen, you can go to the resource page on our website. 

Our UTD students

Our whole ministry as well as alumni and some of their children

And lastly I just want to give you a huge thank you! Your prayers and support are so instrumental in what we're doing on campus. We seriously couldn't do any of these neat things without you.

Student Testimony

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