Friday, June 10, 2016


I can't believe it. The year is officially done, and summer is now in full swing! I feel like it was just yesterday when I came on staff officially and began thinking about putting together our 2015-2016 Denton leader team. I remember being excited and nervous to be leading the TWU ministry and ready to see what God did on the Denton campuses that year. Fast forward one year, and I can tell you that God did so much.:) Now I'm sitting in a coffee shop reflecting on how I'm in a very similar position as last year. I'm excited and nervous about all these new transitions and ready for the year to begin. If you don't know, I'll be working on the UTD FOCUS staff next year. It's a bittersweet ending. I've absolutely loved my time working with the Denton team, but I feel really great about what God is calling me to now. A large reason for why I'll be transitioning to a new team is because of my relationship with Laurence Glenesk. We've been dating for almost a year now, and I'm going to join him at UTD where he's been on staff for the past three years now. We have just begun doing Guide to Decide (Woooo!), FOCUS' pre engagement material. So I'm really excited about these new changes.

I just wanted to share two things with you in this update: SICM and our new staff. I got one of our TWU students to share about her SICM experience, so I hope you enjoy and are encouraged to see how God is working in someone who you may or may not have ever met! 


I don't have a whole lot to say about SICM, but I just wanted you all to know that our students were seriously impacted by the experience! 

Here is a testimony from one of the students who went to this conference from TWU: When I was invited to go to SICM in January, I had no idea how God would change my life in only ten days. Four months later, as I stepped on the plane to Seattle, I had just gotten through a semester filled with anxiety and stress. My faith in God was dwindling and I had mistrusted the Lord in His entirety. I did not feel like God was showing up in my life in the same way that He had been showing up in the lives of others. This all changed throughout my time in Washington. When it came to times of evangelism and worship, I had to put all of my trust in God. I knew that there was very little I could do besides show up and say “I am all Yours, God. Use me. Let me glorify You.” This was extremely difficult for me because of my anxieties, but I saw God showing up everywhere I went, even when I thought He wasn’t going to. I finally came to the conclusion that no matter what, God is constantly pursuing us. Even through our periods of doubt or plain denial of His goodness, He never stops loving us and wanting us.
-Hannah Diaz

It was so cool to get to see the students I had been working with for the past year be so impacted. I also got the really neat opportunity to stay with three UTD girls for a week. I had so much fun getting to know some of the people I'll get to do ministry along side this next year.
                     2016-2017 UTD Staff 

                                                                        New Staff
The last thing I wanted to share with you was just all of our new staff for this upcoming year. There are also some prayer requests on the photo towards the bottom.                                                              

These are our new apprentices. We're so excited to welcome them on staff in August!!!!! Four of our interns from this last year are also stepping on staff: Peter Ueng, April Ashton, Austin Gage, and Aaron Hollingsworth. I'm so excited to see what this next year holds. 

Thanks so much for reading and supporting this kingdom work!:)