Monday, June 1, 2015

End of an Era

Hi friends,

I seriously don't even know where to begin with telling you all the things that happened in May, so I'm just going to highlight some of the bigger things that happened.

1. End of the Year Banquet

This was so much fun. We had such a big turn out, and we were able to honor all the people who participated in FOCUS and the graduating seniors, then we had a little dance party. It was a great ending to a great year, and the photo below are all of the TWU people who attended!!!!!

2. SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry)

If you don't know what this is, we send students to Bellingham, Washington every year for this Christian Leadership Conference a ministry there puts on. I went three years ago and was lucky enough to go again as staff this year. We brought three TWU students as well as 20 UNT students. I got the chance to sit through all of the classes again, and it was such an amazing experience. It not only impacted all of our students that we sent up there, but the material challenged and helped me so much as well going through it a second time. It was so cool to hear how much the students enjoyed the experience and how much they learned. I absolutely loved seeing how close they could get after only a week together, but there is something about being on a trip, learning about God where community thrives. I think my favorite part of the trip, though was getting to talk to the staff of the ministry there. They do things very similarly to FOCUS, and they had so many wise and thoughtful things to share.

3. The internship ended:(

This was the last month of the internship!!!!! We had so many great classes to end things with, though. We read Elmer Gantry at the beginning of the month. If you've never read the book, and you want to do ministry in any capacity, I would suggest you read it. Pride and hypocrisy of the church are major themes throughout the book. It opened up a lot of really challenging questions for all of us on how we deal with hypocrisy and pride both within ourselves and within the church. To finish off the month we did an audio class from Regent over the Sermon on the Mount. I feel like that section of Matthew has taken on such depth and meaning now. It also opened up a lot of questions, but I think that is how learning goes. You learn a little bit more information just to realize there are 20 new questions you didn't even know to be asking. We then ended our week with a prayer day and then a fun activity. I'm so sad to say that the internship is officially over, but I'm excited for this new step!

I just wanted to end by saying thank you for all of your support:) I've appreciated you taking the time to read these posts, and I hope you continue to follow them as I step on staff. I also wanted to ask that you be thinking about people who would be interested in supporting a campus missionary. I need people to support me financially while I'm on staff, and I definitely don't know enough people personally to fill that need. The cool thing is that God does have more than enough! So please be praying for him to reveal who any of those people could be!

Bye until next month:)