Monday, February 4, 2019

February Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well! We've had some dreary weather lately, and if you're like me, your mood is tide to the sun. Today is a beautifully sunny, warm day, and I'm feeling great! It just seems like such a gift from God that we have such a beautiful day in February, and I'm going to try to make sure I can spend some time outside later today, and you should definitely try to do the same!

Another reason I'm excited that it's February is that my 2 year anniversary is coming up on the 11th. I seriously can't believe that we've been married for two years. On one hand that seems like such a short time (and it is), but on the other hand it seems like so long. It has been such a journey learning how to be married, adjust expectations, communicate better, etc. A lot of that has felt very rough and bumpy, but right now I feel like we're in the best place relationally we've ever been (praise God)! I'm excited to see how God keeps growing us: not just in how we relate to each other, but also how we relate to Him and others as a couple.

Winter Camp

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Winter Camp! I think it went so well, and everyone arrived to and from camp safely. Quick update, I mostly work at UTD, but I also work at TWU Dallas and have helped some girls launch a graduate school ministry at UTD Callier for woman getting their masters in Speech Pathology. Right now both of these ministries are small, but it's been so incredibly neat seeing how God is working in both places. 

TWU this year, we basically had to build the ministry all over again from scratch. Everyone who wasn't a corefa graduated last spring, so we just weren't sure how this year was going to go. The neat thing is though, that the ministry is actually the biggest it's ever been, and we have also had our first guys join. Sadly not as many people could come to camp, but we did have a few people come. I just can't tell you how incredible it is that anybody came from TWU. Those students seem overloaded all the time; so stressed out about clinicals, classes, and some of them even have to work. This is also the first year were we've had only students leading core. We've needed alumni to step in the past few years because we didn't have students who were interested in leading. I really think we'll be able to have a completely student run ministry again next year, and we'll be invited a few people to SICM. I'm just so excited to see how God continues working at this campus!

UTD Callier
The woman in the Callier ministry are all people who went through the UTD ministry. The two woman in the middle are the corefa's who are leading this experimental ministry. They are really the ones who saw a need for something at the Callier campus (which is across the street from TWU Dallas, all the way down town. That's the reason we felt the need to do something different, instead of keeping them in the UTD ministry.) It's always so neat to me when students have something laid on their hearts and are willing to go out and try to make that happen for God. I'm not really sure what the long term will look like for this campus, but it's been awesome seeing how God has been impacting people that normally couldn't have/wouldn't have made the drive to go to core all the way in Richardson.

Please keep praying for these ministries! Thanks so much for investing in these students and what God is doing on these campuses. Definitely none of this would be possible without you!

Student Testimony