Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August Rush


I hope you're all doing well. I can't believe August is already here and the school year is about to start! We are having our Corefa Prep this weekend, and I would really appreciate your prayers. If you don't know what Corefa Prep is, we have all of our corefas come to this. This kicks off our time together serving the UTD campus for the year. We learn who the other people on the team are; we have some leadership development time where we talk about the way we do ministry and some different axioms that help them in their ministry. And we help get them excited for meeting new students and equip them with some ways to do that effectively. We'll also be inviting students in our ministry who won't be leading a core to a portion of this to help equip them to meet students as well. We could use prayers that this kicks off our year in a really positive way, it gets the students pumped up to meet new people, and for safe travels for everyone who are having to drive in for this!

On another note, a girl I've been meeting with this past year made the decision to be baptized!!!! She's been in our ministry for a few years and first got plugged in at Collin College, and she decided that she was finally in a place where she could fully commit her life to God. She had her first corefas do the baptism, and they were so blessed by the experience to get to do that. I attached a video of the event, and I hope it encourages you.

Student Testimony

Pita Lerma 
General Studies/Psychology
North Central Texas College
"My first year at North Central Texas College, I felt insecure and ashamed that I couldn’t go straight into a four year university like my other friends. I walked the halls with a “get in and get out” mentality, and went on like this for almost a year. I believed that I was a Christian, yet lived a complacent and distant life from anyone who challenged the walls I built around myself. I put on a face that told the world I was self-sufficient and feared the day that someone would know the truth of the hollow life I led. My second year at NCTC, I was plugged into FOCUS by a friend who knew that what I needed was a strong community in order to flourish. I attended a fellowship night where I was quickly embraced by a number of people who seemed eager and genuinely interested in getting to know me. Before I knew it, I was invited into homes, movie nights, a one-on-one bible study, and countless other opportunities that tore down the walls I built. Over the next couple of years, I grew in vulnerability, friendship, joy, and fell absolutely in love with Jesus and his people. Through this ministry, I not only met the man I get to marry, but also gained strong and sweet friendships that push me to love God and people deeply and intentionally."