Tuesday, October 3, 2017

September Blog


I hope you have had a great September! Mine has mostly been really great. We went to our Fall Camp this past weekend, and we had a record number of people come. We really don't like to focus on numbers, but I think that the amount of people we had there shows how hard our corefas have been working this year! We use Fall Camp as an opportunity to get people together early in the semester to build relationships and to help convey our values. This year we had several student speakers share on the prompts "how my concept on what it means to be a Christian has changed and is changing" and "how I got to send me." They were so good! It was so powerful to hear these students share about how they've been growing to be more like God. 

Candle Light Devotional

 Another cool thing was just watching our students interact with each other in free time. No one was sitting by themselves or lonely! People would help others in the crafts that we had or invite them into games they were playing.

Let's just be praying that these students continue seeing and experiencing Jesus, the one who made it possible and taught us how to love one another. I'm praying for many to call him "Lord" for the first time this year!

Student Testimony

"I grew up Catholic but never consistently went to church. I always admired the concept of community and was really saddened by the idea of not experiencing that within my faith because of my lack of involvement. When I came to UTA this desire to be involved in a Christian community only grew. After being greeted kindly at the FOCUS information table at orientation, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow. God is really working here and I want to be a part of it.”  As classes started in the Fall, I was contacted by a girl named Kaylee who consistently invited me to events and had a deep-rooted desire to get to know me.  Through people like Kaylee, I was really able to see how those in FOCUS loved the Lord which directly translated into how they interacted with and loved people. As the semester began I was asked to go deeper in my faith and study scripture in a one-on-one study, Focus on Jesus (FOJ) with Alexis. Alexis really encouraged me and wanted to walk with me in my journey of building a relationship with God. Through this community, I was challenged to give love like I had received it. Although I didn’t know it, God had been working and was faithful to answer a prayer I hadn’t even thought to ask for. He blessed me with this community and an opportunity to share that with others. "

Jocelyn Payan
University of Texas at Arlington, Nursing, Sophomore