Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Prayer Requests


I hope your summer has been going well and the crazy weather hasn't affected your life too bad! I know some places got hit worse than others and there has been lots of power outages.

Update - I wrote about my dog a little bit ago and asked for prayers, and I just wanted to let you know that he seems like he's made a full recovery! God is so good:)

I just wanted to thank you for being so faithful in reading this, praying for me, and being an overall support! I've really loved getting to partner with you all and share about the ministry that is going on at UTD and TWU Dallas. I just finished my FIFTH year on staff! Which seems absolutely insane, and I'm incredibly grateful to have gotten to do campus ministry for that long and that would NOT be possible without you! This summer I'm renewing my contract with FOCUS for another three years, and I'm so excited. I'll be staying at UTD, but TWU Dallas will be taken over by our Dallas team ( Laurence, Sirak, Sandra, and Amber). We would love prayers for this transition and for this campus. It just needs more staff support than I could give, and I'm so excited for this change. I think it will be good having staff people who can be on the campus more and meet with more students.

On the note of summer, it's the time of year again where our whole staff is fundraising and in the process of choosing new leaders for this upcoming school year! I would absolutely love your prayers for both of these. Fundraising has been very challenging and emotional for me over the years, and this summer I'm really praying that God helps me learn to LOVE it which feels like a very bold and extreme prayer for me. Along with that prayer, I would love some prayers on my actual fundraising goals. I have about $600/month that I need to fundraise this summer. If you know of any people who would be interested in supporting campus ministry, let me know!

And our leader teams are coming along. The more people I talk to, the more excited I get for the Fall. I really think we're going to have some neat people this year, but I probably feel like that every year. We still want to make sure that we invite the people on our team that God wants on our team, and we just need the Spirit guiding these decisions. There are one or two people that we especially need His discernment and prayers for. They are people we would love to let lead because we believe being a corefa and having a higher level of accountability is good for people, but at the same time, we question whether that choice is going to be good for their relationship with God and with others.

Anyway, thank you again! Let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you about.

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